Drawing on the ceramist wisdom of the past. One step after another, one cooking after another, dressing the substance with innovation, with precious uniqueness, with beauty. And transform it into refined design pieces.

This is, for us, the future of the past. It's Terzofoco.


A maze of small cracks reveals the signs of fire: it is Raku ceramic. A texture that is unique, unrepeatable every time, a decoration that cannot be replicated. La forma è avvolgente, come un abbraccio. È Ciocco.


The kaleidoscopic joy of color, the inspiration of combinations, the game between glossy and matte, between inside and outside. The material is refined, fine, subtle. The design is clean, linear, rigorous. It’s Candy.


Sinuous grooves sculpt the undulating surface: a game of fulls and voids that captures the light and emphasizes its sequence, rhythm and symmetry. Like concentric circles created by water at the throwing of a stone. It’s Ring.

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