Emanuel Gargano takes Artistic Direction at Terzofoco

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Since June 2024, the Umbrian company Terzofoco has entrusted the artistic direction to designer and artist Emanuel Gargano. After presenting the new Lune collection at the Salone del Mobile, a result of the collaboration between the company and the designer, Emanuel Gargano will be responsible for the development of Terzofoco and the new collections of the brand led by Alessio Scacaroni.


Italian artist and designer Emanuel Gargano was born in Assisi, Umbria, a region that has deeply shaped his creative and emotional sensitivity. After graduating from I.S.I.A. in Urbino, he moved to London and collaborated with prominent architecture firms, managing to realize his vocation of intertwining the two great enigmas: time and purity, understood as expressive opportunities for design intervention.

Currently, his professional life is divided between his studio in London, his space in New York, and his workshop in Assisi, where he studies and develops his artisanal approach to various materials. It is difficult to confine such a multifaceted activity to a single professional field, as his work spans architecture, industrial design, art, and the study of light. His work reveals a deep fascination with the substance of natural elements that he uses and shapes, in search of their inner soul; probably the same thing that life continues to do with him day by day.

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