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For the first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, from 16 to 21 April, Terzofoco, ceramic boutique factory of luxury washbasins, will be present with two new important collaborations. The artist and designer Emanuel Gargano and the experimental artist of ceramic processes Nicola Boccini. Among all the company’s creations, which will be presented at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, Pavilion 6, Stand C33, we anticipate the second novelty, Linfa.

design Nicola Boccini

Light artists have been creating works of art and light installations for more than seventy years using industrially derived materials: light bulbs, neon, optical wires and lasers, which redesign space in the dark and change our perception. of reality.

For the first time, however, with Nicola Boccini, Light Art is linked to artisanal materials such as ceramics, the technique and tradition of his Umbria, to combine manual skill and originality with research and experimentation.

The Last Judgment by Nicola Boccini

Thanks to this project, the ceramic animated by the light of Nicola Boccini creates a sink, a necessary element for the daily ritual of cleaning, a white porcelain cylinder wrapped in branches, which, like bas-reliefs, surround it. They are the roots of a tree, which draw lifeblood from light and water, a work of design that seems to organically integrate nature and technology.

Inside the room, the sink, with its vegetal veins, becomes a regenerative work, it reclaims the space, extends its luminous branches and envelops us. Despite our continuous actions of degradation, nature finds a way to be reborn, does not give up and gives us well-beingwith the light and beauty of the natural world.

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