Inkbath System

Inkiostro Bianco and Terzofoco transform the concept of the bathroom environment with their new project: InkBath System.

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The brand offers a complete system of combinations to revolutionize the bathroom with wall decorations and decorated sanitary ware.

On the occasion of Cersaie 2023, Inkiostro Bianco presents the exclusive InkBath System project, with which it aims to revolutionize a bathroom environment easily, without demolition and transforming it into a creative space. InkBath System allows you to combine bathroom furnishing elements by combining them both with wall decorations on EQ.Dekor fiberglass wallpapers and with decorations applied directly to the bathroom fixtures. The decoration is no longer just on the walls: sinks, bathroom fixtures and shower trays in several models are invaded by decorations combined with wallpapers. Furthermore, the line is further completed with a series of bathroom cabinets with the possibility of customizing the doors with the same fiberglass chosen for the walls, a line of mirrors with backlighting and a selection of matching wall colours.

The project was born from the capsule collection of 6 “Geometric Landscape” wallpapers initially proposed on EQ.Dekor fiberglass as a material suitable for humid environments but which can also be printed on classic supports: vinyl, Raw and Canvas. This capsule collection was created by designer Luca Papini, who had already collaborated with Inkiostro Bianco on the occasion of the Inediti Serie 01 collection, and who brings his experience of work and artistic direction in the bathroom furnishing sector to this new project.

In addition to the wallpapers, the decoration in this project is spread, again based on a design by Luca Papini, also on the sanitary ware by Ceramiche Galassia with direct application during cooking by the mastery of Terzofoco, an excellence in the field of artisanal decoration on ceramics .

A line of combinable bathroom cabinets has also been provided with the possibility of customizing the doors with the same graphics chosen for the EQ.Dekor fiberglass walls. Paint Makers’ wall paints help give the finishing touch with a color match coordinated specifically based on the wallpapers from the capsule collection.

It is therefore a multi-handed effort in which the technical skills of each partner complement each other to create a one-of-a-kind project that will revolutionize the bathroom environment.

The choice to transform your bathroom with the InkBath System will not involve any demolition of the existing one, as it will be sufficient to adequately prepare the surface to allow the application of the EQ.Dekor fiberglass on the wall and subsequently of the sanitary ware and bathroom furniture.

InkBath System represents a significant step forward for Inkiostro Bianco in its increasingly proposing itself as a project consultant, precisely because in this case we no longer work only on the single decorative element but on a system that embraces the entire environment. The objective of this project is to reveal the potential of the bathroom environment, combining creativity and functionality, in order to transform it from a place of ordinary everyday life into an oasis of well-being.

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