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Terzofoco awarded by the Ministry of Culture and recognized as a Creative Body for cultural and social diffusion.

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The Ministry of Culture, through the PNRR, has allocated funds to encourage companies towards the digital and ecology transition thanks to the TOCC. This call aims to combine innovation with craftsmanship and who better than Terzofoco to carry forward this dualism.

The digital innovation of artistic cultural products was the leitmotif behind the entire creation of the “multimedia sink” project. Terzofoco combined his ceramic know-how and his means with the revolutionary idea of the artist Nicola Boccini, who with his Universal Judgment ( made ceramic and light as one.

The idea of the project is to transform the bathroom environment thanks to a multimedia sink. The latter takes advantage of Terzofoco’s ceramic technique combined with Nicola Boccini’s mastery of light to create an intelligent sanitary ware, with LED strips inside that can be controlled by voice and change the light, thus 100% customizing the space. bathroom environment.

The solid idea combined with the extreme expertise on the subject, both of Terzofoco and Nicola Boccini, made this project one of the winners of the TOCC and therefore recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a Creative Body for cultural and social diffusion.

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